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Manufacturers Index - Superior Machine Works
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In or shortly before 1887, George F. Burkhart and Edward A. Burkhart, doing business as Burkhart Bros., established a woodworking machinery maker, Superior Machine Works. It was common in the 19th century to have separate names for the partnership or business and the manufacturing operations; in this case, though, the Burkhart Bros. name seems to have quickly disappeared from use in favor of Superior Machine Works.

Advertisement from 1887-11-10 The Furniture Worker

At the beginning of 1910 the manufacturing plant was acquired by W. A. Jones Foundry & Machine Co. but apparently the Superior Machine Works continued to operate it. The president and majority owner, George F. Burkhart, died in 1911 and there appears to have been some dissension afterwards. At the beginning of 1913 the company became Jones Superior Machine Co.

Information Sources

  • 1887 Lakeside Annual Directory of the City of Chicago lists "Superior machine Works. G. F. & E. A. Burkhart, props. 192-196 W. 12th". Also listed is "Burkhart Bros. (George F. and Edward A. Burkhart) machinery 196 W. 12th". Fred Burkhart was listed as foreman. Burkhart Bros. was listed as a "machinery depot".
  • 1888 Railroad, Telegraph, Electric and Steamship Builders' Buyers' Guide lists Superior Machine Works, 192-196 W. 12th st., Chicago, Ill.
  • The 1897-98 Annual Report of the Factory Inspector of Illinois lists G. F. Burkhart, manager of Superior Machine Works, who, on 1898-07-21 was fined $10 plus $5.90 in costs for "Employing boys between the ages of 14 and 16 years without affidavits".
  • 1902-08-07 National Corporation Reporter, list of "New Illinois Corporations".
    Superior Machine Works, Chicago; $25,000; George F. Burkhart, Edward A. Burkhart, Frederick Burkhart.
  • 1905 Directory of Directors in the City of Chicago lists the following for The Superior Machine Works.
    • Albert Burkhart—Director
    • Anna M. Burkhart—Director
    • Edward A. Burkhart—Director
    • Frederick Burkhart—President and Director
    • George F. Burkhart—Secretary, Treasurer and Director
    • Oscar Burkhart—Vice President and Director
  • The 1909 Certified List of Domestic and Foreign Corporations gives this company's address as 192-196 W. 12th st., and lists Edw. A. Burkhardt as president and Oscar Burkhardt as secretary.
  • 1910-01-20 Iron Age.
    The W. A. Jones Foundry & Machine Company, Chicago, has purchased the plant of the Superior Machine Works and will continue it in operation for the manufacture of woodworking machines.
  • 1911-07-13 The Iron Trade Review.
    A receiver for the Superior Machine Works, Chicago, has been asked for by the heirs of the late George Frederick Burkhart, who owned the majority of the stock.
  • Planers, Matchers and Moulders in American, by Chandler W. Jones, 1980, mentions this firm as being in business at the time of the big merger that created American Wood Working Machinery Co.