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Saunderson Tractor and Implement Co.
Bedford, Bedfordshire, England

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Title: 1918 Article-Saunderson Tractor and Implement Co., Saunderson Universal Tractor
Source: The Engineer, 25 Jan 1918, pg. 66
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Saunderson tractor

Four-furrow motor ploughs in considerable numbers are being supplied to Government order by the Saunderson Tractor and Implement Co., Limited, of Bedford; this firm being the successor to Saunderson and Mills, Limited. One of their Universal tractors—as their makers call them—is shown without its plough attachment in the accompanying engraving, Fig. 31.

The Saunderson tractor has been before the public for a good many years, but in its present form, as illustrated in Fig. 31, it is more simple and workman-like in appearance than were its predecessors. Among the points to which special consideration has been given in effecting improvements that have been introduced during the last two or three years are accessibility, ease of renewals, and increase of bearing surfaces to give greater length of life, &c.

We are informed that before placing the improved model upon the market, Mr. Saunderson used one of the machines on his own farm for twelve months in exhaustive tests and experiments on some of the heaviest clay soil in this country, and on very hilly fields. The machine, so we gather, proved itself to be capable of doing the entire work on a 240-acre farm, and for the twelve months no horses whatever were used, every operation being performed by the tractor.

The machine illustrated is the Universal Model G, which is of from 20 to 25 brake horse-power. It is designed for ploughing, with three or four furrows, and for driving a 4 ft. 6 in. threshing drum, with elevator or chaff-cutter attached. Some owners appear to be using their machines successfully in place of steam traction engines when employed for road haulage.

On this duty the tractor will take five to six tons at a speed of ?ve miles per hour. It is also designed for hauling three mowing machines or two self-lift binders by using the ?rm's special harvesting coupling, or for cultivating, clod crushing, harrowing and rolling at one operation, hay carting, corn carting, driving machinery, &c. In fact, as its name implies. it is intended to provide mechanical power for all-round farm purposes.

The makers have devised a convenient form of draw-bar, attached to the back of the tractor, which can be swung round to the rear, so that the plough, when not in use, may trail behind the tractor without an attendant. This lever or draw-bar fulfils several other functions on the plough. When it is in operation, the plough is provided with a spring-assisted self-lift so as to permit a youth or woman to operate it. Another noteworthy feature of the draw-bar is an arrangement which permits the tractor hauling the plough to wander from 2 ft. or 3 ft. from its correct path without disturbing the good and proper working of the latter. This would appear to be a desirable feature, as it does away with the necessity of driving in a perfectly straight line. The makers also point out that ample clearances are provided between each of the respective furrows to prevent trash and rubbish blocking the ploughs. Arrangements are also provided so that the first furrow of the ridge may be opened and turned back, and the ridge closed in and completed. All necessary adjustments may be made by the operator whilst the machine is in motion, and it is claimed that with these ploughs it should not be necessary to halt the tractor for any of its operations.

All working parts of the tractor are covered in. The three-speed gear box is totally enclosed. The gears run in oil, and the other transmissions are encased in dropped- stamped sheet-steel gear covers. The engine is governed, and the governors work in an oil bath, free from dust and grit. The air intake of the engine is provided with a gauze filter to prevent the dust and grit arising from the cultivating operations being drawn into the cylinders. The control mechanism is worthy of note. The movement of one single lever in front of the driver forwards or backwards, controls everything. This lever is connected with the governors; by advancing it, greater tension is placed on the governors, which in turn automatically control the amount of fuel and oil supplied to the cylinders.

The Saunderson Tractor and Implement Co., Limited, appears to have seriously taken in hand the increased output of its well established tractors. We are informed that it has arranged with various firms, each one of whom has taken on the manufacture of a complete unit pertaining to the Universal tractor. The Elstow Engineering Works is being organized to erect these units and to turn out the completed tractors at a rapid rate. The first deliveries from the unit makers are now beginning to come in and the firm confidently expects that in a short time it will be producing a large number of these standardized British-built machines.

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1918 Saunderson Tractor and Implement Co., Saunderson Universal Tractor
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