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Manufactured By:
Mereen-Johnson Machine Co.
Minneapolis, MN

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Title: 1958 Article-Mereen Johnson Machine Co., #600 Double Cut-Off Saw
Source: Hitchcock's Wood Working , V60, Jul 1958, pg. 58
Insert Date: 1/8/2017 9:06:24 PM

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Operations from tenon jointing to panel sizing are done on this new Model D double cutoff saw. The Mereen-Johnson Machine Company is introducing this lighter adaptation of its regular No. 600 Model to meet an existing demand for a utility double cutoff saw at a lower price for smaller plants or special setups.

The Model D comes in the regular variety of double cutoff saw sizes. A standard machine is 48" between saws (with longer lengths available) 30" to 69" ahead of holddowns, and has a 4" minimum trim length and a 4" maximum thickness of cut. Motor driven feed drives come with either a fixed feed rate or a variable speed. There is also a choice of spring loaded shoe, rubber block or rubber roller holddowns.

Two h.p., 3600 r.p.m. trim motors drive the regular cutoff saws that tilt up to 180" and cut either above or below the feed chain, adjustable on rack and pinion by hand wheel. The Model D is also available with cope motors and dado arbors.

All starters and wiring are standard equipment. A wide range of accessories is available including dust hoods and piping, center stock supports, core guides, center matching gauges and shaper collars.

Complete information is available from the Mereen-Johnson Machine

Company, 4401 Lyndale Avenue North, Minneapolis 12, Minnesota.
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1958 Mereen Johnson Machine Co., #600 Double Cut-Off Saw
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