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Manufactured By:
Horne & Associates
Reno, NV

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Title: 1958 Article-Horne & Associates, Gresdel Saw Guide
Source: Hitchcock's Wood Working , V60, Jul 1958, pg. 59
Insert Date: 1/9/2017 4:28:09 PM

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Adjustable Ripsaw Guide

The Gresdel saw guide is to be mounted on the table of a ripsaw, though it may be mounted on any of the production type of circular, straight-line, or band ripsaws and permits the operator to selectively rip molding, factory and shop-type lumber. The set works consist of a base that fastens to the saw table, which supports a spring-loaded sliding carriage to which the fence or straight edge is attached. The sliding carriage, which is mounted on ball bearings is easily and quickly moved by the operator to any one of its six, eight, or ten preset adjustable stops.

The six, eight, or ten stop models are essentially of the same construction, except for the stop blocks and the number of stop rods. The carriage of each model has a travel of 9-½" plus the width of the narrowest rip, thus permitting the selection of six, eight, or ten preset rips between these limits. Models with as many as 20 tops and 20" travel are available.

Complete information is available from Home & Associates, 2090 Gridley Ave., Reno, Nev.

U. S. Patent #2,796,092.
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1958 Horne & Associates, Gresdel Saw Guide
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