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Manufactured By:
G. M. Diehl Machine Works, Inc.
Peru, IN, and Wabash, IN

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Title: 1958 Article-Diehl Machine Works, #800 Veneer Splicer
Source: Hitchcock's Wood Working , V60, Jul 1958, pg. 60
Insert Date: 1/9/2017 9:21:33 PM

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Diehl Veneer Splicer

A new tapeless veneer splicer which permits splicing veneers from 1/64"—½" to solid lumber core at speeds to 150 f.p.m., and higher, has been developed by the G. M. Diehl Machine Works, Inc.

Called the Diehl No. 800 tapeless veneer splicer, the machine operates on a principle which applies heat directly to the glue that has been pre-applied to the edges of the veneer or lumber core. This new principle instantly heats the entire glued surface, regardless of the thickness of the veneer or lumber core, making possible the veneer splicer's unusually high speeds. The machines' production actually is limited only by the speed that material can be handled.

The frame of the No. 800 veneer splicer is a one-piece casting with the feed motor and all controls enclosed within the frame. The frame is designed so that, with material handling equipment, partially glued up panels can be returned beneath the table to the operator.

The No. 800 veneer splicer is a roll feed machine, with all rolls mounted on ball bearings. It is 48" long, 103" wide and 52-¾" high. The actual length of the machine is 25" with a table 13" long at the infeed end and a table 10" long at the outfeed end.

For further information write the G. M. Diehl Machine Works, Inc., Wabash, Indiana.
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1958 Diehl Machine Works, #800 Veneer Splicer
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