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Manufactured By:
Greenlee Brothers & Co.
Chicago, IL and Rockford, IL

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Title: 1958 Article-Greenlee Bros. & Co., Fibre Board Panel Machine
Source: Hitchcock's Wood Working , V60, Jul 1958, pg. 61
Insert Date: 1/9/2017 9:35:11 PM

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An entirely new fibre board machine has been introduced by Greenlee Bros., & Co.

This specialized machine automatically saws fibre board panels as large as 13' x 25' into pieces of desired width and length. In the first operation, the fibre board panels are ripped into strips 2'-4' wide. Feed chain beams transport the panel through the saws.

The second operation is performed on a set of saws at right angles to the first set. The 25' long strips are automatically fed by a reciprocating pusher mechanism through these saws to reduce the strips to panels of desired length. Thus panels of any standard size may be cut automatically on this machine.

Each cutting unit is powered by a separate motor. All adjustments to the machine are made from overhead catwalks. Ten-horsepower hogging units pulverize edge-strips cut off the rough panel. This feature eliminates handling of scrap pieces. Precision cutting is assured by the manufacturer. No tear-out of panel edges is experienced. Setup, maintenance and down-time are minimized.

Additional information on the new Greenlee fibre board panel machine can be obtained by contacting Greenlee Bros. & Co., 2136 Twelfth Street, Rockford, Illinois.
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1958 Greenlee Bros. & Co., Fibre Board Panel Machine
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