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Manufactured By:
Hanchett Swage Works
Big Rapids, MI

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Title: 1958 Article-Hanchett Swage Works, #104 Band Saw Stretcher
Source: Hitchcock's Wood Working , V60, Jul 1958, pg. 63
Insert Date: 1/10/2017 1:01:03 PM

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The Hanchett Manufacturing Company has just announced the development of a new band resaw stretcher with direct coupled motor drive. This stretcher features an exclusive Hanchett development whereby both the upper and the lower tensioning rolls are equally powered to prevent dishing or curling of the saw. Roller shafts are connected with accurately cut and matched gears. Both revolve and are power driven.

Rolls are built from high grade carefully ground tool steel. Pressure screw has large, heavy load carrying threads and bearings to evenly exert and hold tension of the rolls as desired. Open front frame with adjustments for width of saws, allows fast and easy insertion of the saw. Simple rugged design and unit cast rigid frame permit this new stretcher to withstand tensioning strain to its full specified capacity.

For complete data, specifications and price information, write to Hanchett Manufacturing Company, Big Rapids, Michigan, or 5727 S. W. Macadam Avenue, Portland 1, Oregon.
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1958 Hanchett Swage Works, #104 Band Saw Stretcher
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