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H. W. Kearns & Co., Ltd.

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Title: 1916 Article-Kearns, H. W., & Co., Ltd., Improvements in Drilling Machines
Source: The Mechanical Engineer, V37, 14 Apr 1916, pg. 282
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Messrs. H. W. Kearns & Co., Ltd., Broadheath, near Manchester, have recently patented the mechanism illustrated herewith for radially traversing the facing slide of facing chucks of surfacing, boring, and drilling machines. In this construction, a slotted or forked facing slide, permitting the protrusion of a boring bar or drill, is radially traversed in a facing chuck by means of a rack provided at the rear of each branch of the slotted or forked slide, with which rack engages a worm secured on a radial spindle, the two spindles being driven through bevel gearing, concentric with the hollow central spindle within which the boring bar or drill is located.

Fig. 1 is a front elevation, Fig. 2 a central section, and Fig. 3 a section on a staggered line mainly at right angles to Fig. 2 of the mechanism. A is the hollow central spindle on which is the facing chuck B. C is a boring bar driven independently of the chuck B and capable of protruding therefrom. D is a spur-wheel concentrically secured on a bevel-wheel E of large diameter, freely mounted concentrically on the spindle A. The spur-wheel D is driven by a pinion F. Gearing with the bevel-wheel E is a pair of bevel pinions G, each of which is secured respectively on a separate radial spindle H. A worm J, of larger diameter than the bevel pinions G, is secured on each radial spindle H. M is the facing slide, which moves in undercut guides K radially across the chuck B. This facing slide M is longitudinally slotted, but may be forked, to permit the protrusion of the boring bar C through the same. A helical rack L is secured at the rear of each branch of the slotted slides M, and one of the worms, J engages with each rack.
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1916 Kearns, H. W., & Co., Ltd., Improvements in Drilling Machines
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