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New Haven Manufacturing Co.
New Haven, CT

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Title: 1898 Article-New Haven Mfg. Co., 28 in. Planer
Source: Age of Steel, V84, 03 Sept 1898, pg. 21
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New Haven 28-Inch Planer

The planers manufactured by the New Haven Manufacturing Company need no commendation, as they are being used throughout the length and breadth of the United States. An entire change of patterns throughout has, however, been made lately to meet the advanced views of our skillful American mechanics. The range of sizes is from 20" to 60" wide, regularly, with special to 72" wide.

The illustration herewith shows their new and improved pattern No. 4 planer—planes 5 feet (inside the pockets) 28 inches wide, 24 inches high. Their No. 3½ is the same, but planes 7 feet long. They are driven by two belts, the main driving shaft having a tight and loose pulley attached to it on each side of the machine, giving a very steady driving motion. The bed is very deep, wide and strongly braced, supported by cabinets. The head has automatic power feeds in all directions (cross, vertical and angular), the cross-bar is very heavy and strong, with sliding surfaces scraped. The cross-feed screw is cut with double threads, giving rapid adjustment; the bronze cross feed nut can be taken out (when necessary to renew it) without removing the saddle from the cross-bar.

The cross-bar is quickly raised or lowered by power, by means of a friction clutch on the driving shaft. The tool head can be adjusted in any direction without disturbing the feed pawl; the table can be run back to examine work without changing the position of the dogs, and the feed can be quickly changed from nothing to very coarse without stopping the planer. The three T slots in the table are planed out and the holes drilled.

All racks and gears are cut from the solid blanks; driving shafts and screws are of steel, with nuts case-hardened. All gearing is on short shafts within the bed, running in cap boxes.

The table is provided with four wipers which lubricate the V's and keep them clean, and the waste oil is caught in the detachable oil cups on the bed, and can be again used in the wipers.

These planers are thoroughly tested before leaving the works, and the builders can furnish them to be driven by Bean's patent friction pulleys if desired.

For further information address the St. Louis representative of the New Haven Manufacturing Company, A. B. Bowman, Room 6, Laclede Building.

US Patent: 272,192

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1898 New Haven Mfg. Co., 28 in. Planer
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