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Manufactured By:
Silsby, Race & Holly
Seneca Falls, NY

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Title: 1852 Article-Silsby, Race & Holly, Drill Press
Source: Scientific American, 24 Apr, 1852, pg. 252
Insert Date: 4/10/2017 12:33:03 PM

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This engraving is an elevation of a very convenient and useful iron drill, which is manufactured at Seneca Falls, N. Y., by Messrs. Silsby, Race & Holly. A is the driving pulley; B is the driving shaft; C C, are cone pulleys on a hollow shaft which plays up and down on the driving shaft, as desired; the driving shalt has a groove cut into it, with a feather inside of the hollow shaft to prevent it turning. The other two cones, E E, are driven by belts. The large pinion at the top of the column is fitted to a screw shaft which runs down the centre of the said column, and is attached to a nut secured to the upper arms at F. The upper and lower arms are bolted to a hollow shaft, which is fitted over the main column, allowing it to play up and down the same, and is kept from turning by a slot in the column. The three small pinions at the top (one not seen), are so arranged as to reverse the motion by use of the lever, G. On the top of the driving shaft is an eccentric, H, which governs the feed of the two drills on the stocks of E E; it is put in operation by drawing down the small rod, I. The three face plates, J J J, are attached to slides that play in grooves on the stationary plates, which are fastened to arms that are fitted to play around the main column, so that any part of a face plate can be used under a drill, or the drill can be used between the face plates. All the face plates can be operated separately by the hand wheels. More information may be obtained by addressing the parties by letter as above.
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1852 Silsby, Race & Holly, Drill Press
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