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Manufactured By:
W. R. Norris
Fort Ann, NY

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Title: 1877 Article-Norris, W. R., Planing & Polishing Machine
Source: Scientific American, V36, 23 Jun 1877, pg. 386
Insert Date: 4/12/2017 9:29:52 PM

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The accompanying engraving represents one form of Norris’ diagonal planing and polishing machine, which is a Woodworth planing machine of the raising and lowering bed class, and of improved construction. The cutting cylinder is made to be changed, at will, from its usual position of square across the machine, to a diagonal one of 35°;and vice versa. A polishing device is also provided which, when suitably adjusted, polishes the surface of the material after the latter has passed the planing cylinder. Among the advantages claimed is that, when smoother surfaces than can ordinarily be produced by planing machines are required, the cylinder can be instantly swung into the diagonal position, and the polishing device thrown into gear; rough lumber fed in then emerges with the surface planed and polished, ready for paint, oil, or varnish. With the cylinder working diagonally, all kinds of framed articles, such as doors, sashes, blinds, ends of bureaus, commodes, desks, cabinet organs, etc., are claimed to be planed, as easily, perfectly, and cheaply as common lumber, and with the polishing device in operation they are polished perfectly at the same time. The manufacturer states that two men are enabled to do the work of twenty skilled men with hand tools, and at the same time make better surfaces. The machine is adapted for the uses of carpenters’ and joiners’ shops. sash, blind. and door factories, cabinet-makers’ shops, cabinet organ, furniture, railroad, and streetcar factories, whether large or small, using the cylinder square across for ordinary surfacing, and diagonally for smooth planing and where flat frame work is to be smoothed.

Nearly fifty of Mr. Norris’ machines are; we are informed, in use in the sash, blind, and door factories of the United States and Canada. The machine from which the annexed engraving was prepared is in use in the largest walnut furniture factory in this city.

Further information may be obtained by addressing W. R. Norris, Fort Ann, N. Y. Arrangements for the manufacture of these machines in Canada are desired.

US Patent: 201,624

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1877 Norris, W. R., Planing & Polishing Machine
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