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Manufactured By:
Combs & Bawden
Freehold, NJ

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Title: 1877 Article-Combs & Bawden, Self Feeding Post Drill
Source: Scientific American, V37, 03 Nov 1877, pg. 278
Insert Date: 4/12/2017 9:52:36 PM

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The annexed engraving represents a new self-feeding drill for boring iron, steel, etc. The feed is adapted for all classes of work and all sizes of drills and therefore needs no adjustment. A is the drill shaft, having at its upper end the flywheel, B. This shaft is rotated by the bevel gearing shown, which is revolved by hand by means of the crank. On the bevel pinion is a feather, which enters a keyway on the shaft, A, so that although said shaft is turned by the pinion it can be moved vertically within the latter. To the upper part of the shaft are attached collars, and between them is a sleeve which is secured for vertical movement upon the shaft by means of the collars, and prevented from revolving with it by the set screws which attach it to the beam, C. It will be observed that the shaft, A, is free to move vertically within certain limits, and that its vertical position is regulated by the beam, C, which is attached to the shaft by the sleeve above referred to. The short end of the beam is connected by a link to the frame. The long arm is notched so that the weight may be adjusted upon it to cause more or less downward pressure on the shaft. This beam is operated by means of a lever, D, the short arm of which is cogged and engages with the cogs of the bell crank shown, which latter is connected to the beam by means of clevises. By raising the lever, the long arm of the beam is depressed, and consequently also the drill shaft. In order to limit the motion of the beam and through it of the shaft, an adjustable stop, E, is provided which may be secured in any desired position. The table is likewise adjustable, and is placed as desired by means of the dog, F, which engages with a rack upon the standard. The machine is strongly constructed and is in all particulars a very excellent and useful tool, especially adapted to the needs of the general machinist. For further particulars address the manufacturers, Messrs. Combs & Bawden, Freehold, N. J.
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1877 Combs & Bawden, Self Feeding Post Drill
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