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Manufactured By:
Walker Bros.
Minneapolis, MN; Philadelphia, PA

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Title: 1877 Article-Walker Bros., Vertical Boring Machine
Source: Scientific American, V37, 24 Nov 1877, pg. 326
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Machinery of some sort for boring is almost indispensable in all wood-working establishments, and some of the contrivances in every-day use for that purpose are no longer economical in view of the improvements now made in this as well as the other branches of wood-working machinery.

The boring machine illustrated herewith is one of several sizes and styles built by Walker Brothers, Philadelphia, and is a heavy and substantial, yet easy working machine, designed for straight and angle boring of all kinds, the spindle carrying bits up to 2 or more inches in diameter, and having a capacity for boring to the depth of 12 inches.

The frame or standard is a coned casting in one piece, having a broad base, and is quite firm and rigid throughout. The work remains stationary upon the table, which may be adjusted to the proper height or angle, and the bit is brought down and fed through by the foot of the operator on the lever or treadle below. This treadle is provided with a stop to regulate the depth of cut, and with the upward stop the travel of the spindle may be regulated for thick or thin stuff.

The spindle is balanced by means of the adjustable weight on the lever above, and will return when the pressure of the foot is removed. The table is provided with two adjustments for angle boring, and a gage that may be removed when not in use, the whole being raised and lowered by simply turning the hand wheel underneath.

The proper range of speed is given for large or small bits by means of cone pulleys, and the countershaft may be set so as to run the belt from any direction and not interfere with parts of the machine.

This boring machine is furnished when desired with a full set of auger bits, including a small universal chuck for holding all kinds of straight shank bits or drills. For further information address the manufacturers, Messrs. Walker Brothers, Nos. 73 and 75 Laurel St., Philadelphia, Pa.
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1877 Walker Bros., Vertical Boring Machine
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