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Slack's Emery Wheel and Machine Co.
Manchester, England

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Title: 1879 Article-Slack's Emery Wheel and Machine, Emery Band Polishing Machine
Source: Scientific American, V40, 03 May 1879, pg. 278
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There are many things which cannot be very well polished by means of grindstones, emery wheels, or any rigid tools, in common use. Polishing by hand must be resorted to in the finish of many articles, in which that part of manufacture is the more costly. We need not mention any of the many purely ornamental articles to find illustrations of this. Most of the brass fittings for boilers have corners and compound curves, difficult to polish and sometimes impossible to get at with any ordinary wheel, or even an annular emery or polishing wheel. For work of this kind, the machine we illustrate herewith seems to recommend itself. It will be seen to consist chiefly of a standard provided with bearings, carrying a driven pulley, over which runs an emery band, which is also carried by five loose rollers, the upper one of which is supported in a movable bearing acted upon by spiral springs to keep the belt tight.

The bands used are endless, and usually of leather covered with emery of a number suitable to the work to be done. Some bands are of tape specially prepared for the purpose. The emery coating is easily renewed by the user. The machine is made by Black's Emery Wheel and Machine Company, Manchester, and seems to be generally applicable for polishing irregular and curved forms.
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1879 Slack's Emery Wheel and Machine, Emery Band Polishing Machine
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