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Manufactured By:
Pratt & Whitney Co.
Hartford, CT

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Title: 1893 Ad-Pratt & Whitney Co., Blacksmith's Post Drill #2
Source: Pratt & Whitney Catalogue, 1893, pg. 57
Insert Date: 4/19/2017 10:19:11 PM

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Is suitable for drilling 1/8 to 3/4 inch holes in cast or wrought iron. The frame is of iron, cast in one piece, giving the machine strength and stiffness. The forked arm, accurately machined, holds the finished table upon the lower spindle, at any elevation within its limit of adjustment of 6 to 12 inches from bottom of the main spindle. The feed, having a run of 4 inches, has three rates of speed, which may be quickly adjusted by a thumb-screw. The gears, ratchet and feed-cam are cut; the cam-roll, pawl and screws are hardened, and the construction throughout is excellent. The crank being rectangular will not turn in the socket when the thumb-screw is loosened for adjustment. All bearings of the main spindle may be lubricated through an oil-hole in its top. Drilling may be done on wheels, and other bulky articles, by removing the table, or swinging it aside and resting the work on the arm or an independent support. Weight of the machine, as shown in the cut, 120 pounds. Price, $21.00. The machine may be fitted for power by adding a cone-pulley of two grades, or tight and loose pulleys to the crank-shaft, the extra cost of which will be $8.00. The pulleys will not interfere with the use of the hand crank. A suitable countershaft will be furnished for $11.00.

The main spindle receives drills with 1/2-inch round shank. They will be furnished at the following prices: 1/8, 30 cents; 5/32, 30 cents; 3/16, 34 cents; 7/32, 37 cents; 1/4, 40 cents; 9/32, 43 cents; 15/16;, 47 cents; 11/32, 50 cents; 3/8, 54 cents; 13/32, 57 cents; 7/16, 60 cents; 15/32, 64 cents; 1/2, 67 cents; 17/32, 74 cents; 19/32, 88 cents; 5/8, 95 cents; 21/32, $1.00; 3/4, $1.25; 25/32, $1.50, each.

A chuck for holding ordinary straight shank twist-drills will be furnished and fitted to the machine, at the following prices: Cushman Key Drill Chuck, $9.00; Little Giant, No. 1, $10.00; No. 2, $12.00. In putting up the machine, care should be taken not to spring the frame in fastening it to a post by screws or clamps.
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1893 Pratt & Whitney Co., Blacksmith's Post Drill #2
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