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Manufactured By:
Luther Grinder Manufacturing Co.
Milwaukee, WI

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Title: 1915 Article-Luther Grinder Mfg. Co., Post Drill
Source: American Exporter, V77, Oct 1915, pg. 81
Insert Date: 4/20/2017 12:45:57 PM

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The new Post Drill recently placed on the market by the Luther Grinder Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee, Wis., has a capacity up to ½ inch diameter in hard metal, but up to about 5/8 inch diameter in soft. It is built to stand the most severe usage. A balance wheel gives it a steadiness and momentum that carries it easily through any metal. The feeding is done by means of a steel screw and can be regulated by the operator to suit the work in hand. It will take an ordinary square shank drill, has a high speed, a heavy steel guide and spindle, and is screwed or bolted to any plank or post. Such a drill as this is said to sell readily to the farm trade, especially as it will often save a farmer miles in going to a blacksmith shop just to get a few holes drilled.
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1915 Luther Grinder Mfg. Co., Post Drill
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