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Manufactured By:
Boynton & Plummer
Worcester, MA; ???, ME; Chester, VT

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Title: 1904 Article-Boynton & Plummer, Power Post Drill
Source: Iron Age, V73, 07 Apr 1904, pg. 20
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The drill shown in the accompanying illustration is designed to be bolted to a post or wall, after the manner of a hand power post drill, where it will have greater rigidity than that of a drill of equal capacity supported from the floor. It has a new mechanical feature in the device for throwing in the screw feed. The worm spindle is supported on a bracket pivoted on the drill head, and the small lever shown just at the rear of the spindle actuates a cam that throws the bracket so as to cause the worm to mesh with the worm wheel. When the cam is released the weight of the hand wheel disengages the worm. The handle for the lever feed is provided with a latch, which may be thrown out of action when the screw feed is being used by depressing the spoon handle. The latch device is useful also when using the quick return feed, which is operated by means of a wheel on the worm wheel shaft at the opposite end from the lever. In using the lever to bring the drill down to the work quickly the latch is held in action by means of a spring. To drill work resting on the floor the table may be swung to one side. The drill is driven by a four-cone pulley. The entire length of the machine is 72 inches; the greatest distance between table and spindle is 24 inches, and the distance from the center of the spindle to the column is 12 inches. It is manufactured by Boynton & Plummer of Worcester, Mass.
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1904 Boynton & Plummer, Power Post Drill
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