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Manufactured By:
Butler Chuck Co.
Greenfield, MA

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Title: 1905 article - New Drill Chuck
Source: August 1905 Canadian Machinery & Manufacturing News
Insert Date: 7/15/2017 10:27:54 PM

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New Drill Chuck

The Butler Chuck Co., Greenfield, Massachusetts, are putting upon the market a new principle applied to a drill chuck, of which the accompanying open cut gives a very good idea.

The plan of driving the drill by the screw which actuates the clamping mechanism was early adopted and was applied to one of the earliest patents which came into general use, but the friction of the driving head against the base of the jaws was soon found to overcome the screw pressure and there it would stop in its tightening operation and the drill turn in its socket.

Different plans for bringing the driving plug in contact with the base of the jaws were tried at various times, but the results varied but little; at last the Butler people hit on the idea of a traveling plug, which not only eliminates the friction but doubles the screw power.

It is said by those who use it, to be a very strong chuck, so much so that several who are using the large sizes have notified the firm that they are about abandoning the use of taper shank drills.

The firm would be glad to furnish reference to any who may be interested or sent out the large sizes on 30 days' approval.

The largest size at present ready for market is capable of holding 1-inch drills.
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