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Manufactured By:
R. E. Kidder Co.
Worcester, MA

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Title: 1908 Article-R. E. Kidder Co., Power Hammer
Source: Southern Machinery, V8, Nov 1908, pg. 19
Insert Date: 11/3/2017 12:39:35 PM

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R E. KIDDER, 35 Hermon St., Worcester, Mass., is manufacturing the power hammer shown in the illustration in six sizes and with hammers weighing from 25 to 100 pounds. The manufacturer claims to have recti?ed all weaknesses of design as fast as they were found until at present all parts are amply strong for the work they are to perform and will endure long, hard, continuous service.

A leather strap, the tension of which is maintained by a worm and sector, is used for connecting the head to the helve. By this construction the tension of the hammer is easily maintained and a quick, elastic blow is struck. Suitable arrangements are made for adjusting the dies either while the machine is in motion or still. This adjustment is by means of a hand wheel and enables the operator to change from thick to thin work easily and quickly without stopping the hammer. The stroke is also adjustable by means of a hand wheel and can be made long or short as desired.

The foot treadle is so designed that the only pressure required is that to overcome the belt which runs loosely while the machine is idle. An effective positive brake is provided which stops the machine instantly the pressure on the treadle is removed. This hammer always stops with the dies open. The anvil’ block is separate from the frame and ?tted into it by means of a tongue and groove which are planed true. This insures a perfect alignment of dies, a square blow and the elimination of twisting strains that are liable to break the frame.
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1908 R. E. Kidder Co., Power Hammer
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