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Manufactured By:
Long & Allstatter Co.
Hamilton, OH

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Title: 1908 Article-Long & Allstatter Co., Helve Hammer
Source: Southern Machinery, V8, Nov 1908, pg. 21
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An adjustable helve hammer is being manufactured by The Long & Allstatter Co., Hamilton, 0., which is entirely of iron and steel, except the helve. The helve is pivoted on hard steel centers and actuated by an adjustable cam on a steel shaft. By the adjustment of this cam, blows, either light or heavy, may be struck with great rapidity. All the operating mechanism is connected to a movable housing and the entire apparatus may be raised or lowered for any adjustment from 1/16 of an inch to 6 inches without loosening a bolt or disarranging the working : parts in any way. This facility of adjustment increases the range of work which can be done on the hammer and eliminates the necessity of shimming up under the dies or making dies conform to arbitrary dimensions in regard to thickness.

This hammer runs at a high rate of speed and is easily and positively controlled by the foot lever shown, an experienced operator being able to strike from the lightest to the heaviest blows without making an adjustment.
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1908 Long & Allstatter Co., Helve Hammer
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