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Manufactured By:
Conradson Machine Tool Co.
Eau Claire, WI; Green Bay, WI

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Title: 1920 Article-Conradson Machine Tool Co.,#2 Universal Horizontal Milling Machine & Dividing Head
Source: Machinery Magazine, V26, Mar 1920, pg. 681
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In the March, 1917, number of MACHINERY a description was published of a No. 3 plain milling machine with single-pulley drive, which had just been developed at that time by C. M. Conradson, Eau Claire, Wis. The most noteworthy feature of the design of this machine was the arrangement of an oscillating speed-box, having sliding change-gears to transmit power through either a spiral pinion to a spiral gear keyed to the milling machine spindle, or through a worm to a worm-wheel mounted on the spindle. This machine is now being built in plain and universal types by the Conradson Machine Tool Co., Green Bay, Wis., and Joseph T. Ryerson & Son, 16th and Rockwell Streets., Chicago, Ill., are sales agents, the machine being one of a line of machine tools to be known as Ryerson-Conradson machines.
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1920 Conradson Machine Tool Co.,#2 Universal Horizontal Milling Machine
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1920 Article-Conradson Machine Tool Co., Universal Dividing Head
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