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Manufactured By:
Niles-Bement-Pond Company
New York, NY

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Title: 1908 Article Niles-Bement-Pond Co., Steam Hammer
Source: Southern Machinery, V8, Nov 1908, pg. 25
Insert Date: 11/11/2017 8:17:28 PM

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The illustrations show the 600 to 800-pound steam drop hammer manufactured by Niles-Bement-Pond Co., 111 Broadway, New York City, and which is adapted to a wide range of work. Steam is admitted both above and below the piston and the hammer may be arranged to run automatically. Arrangements are made whereby the valve gear may be operated by a foot treadle or hand lever as desired. The steam valve is of the balanced type and so arranged as to make the operation of the hammer easy and enable the operator to raise or lower the ram as desired and to suit the work in hand. The frame is pocketed in the anvil to prevent spreading and lipped over the anvil to eliminate all lateral movement. Heavy tie bolts secure the uprights at front and back, thus preventing any shock being transmitted to the cylinder.

Forged steel guides with adjustment for wear are provided for the ram and are so arranged that they may be drawn into the frames, enabling it to be removed without dismantling the entire machine. The ram die holder is a steel forging notched to suit the purchaser. This die holder is held in place by means of a large bolt on one side and a taper key on the other.

Spiral springs at a suitable point between the cylinder and the anvil permit of the necessary elasticity and especially heavy ones are used for safety buffers as protection from careless handling. The piston is so arranged that it can be raised above the cylinder for replacing the rings without dismantling the ram. Lubrication for the cylinder is furnished by an oil pump.

These hammers may be operated by compressed air if so desired and each one is tested by steam before leaving the works. Dies are not included in the equipment.
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1908 Niles-Bement-Pond Co., Steam Hammer
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