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Manufactured By:
Morton Mfg. Co.
Romeo, MI; Muskegon Heights, MI

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Title: 1893 Article-Morton Mfg. Co., Draw-Cut Shaping Machine
Source: Scientific American, V69, 25 Nov 1893, pg. 344
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Among notable exhibits at the World's Columbian Exposition at Chicago there was an improved shaper, which attracted attention in consequence of the enormous chips of metal which it cut from iron and steel. To the casual observer the machine does not appear to be different from the ordinary shaper, but to the mechanic who is used to tools of this kind it is a matter of surprise to see a shaper remove from a solid block of iron such chips as are shown in Fig. 1. This engraving is a truthful representation of the machine doing actual work; and Figs 2 and 3 show respectively a very wide but comparatively thin chip and a narrower and much thicker chip, the first being one-sixteenth of an inch thick and one and three-fourths inch wide, the other being one-eighth of an inch thick and one inch wide.

The explanation lies in the fact that the tool does its work with a drawing cut. This insures great steadiness in the moving bar of the cutter, and as the tool holder is arranged, it also secures great rigidity and firmness in the holding of the tool without the necessity of heavy clamping devices, as the tool practically clamps itself as it is drawn forward. The up and down and cross feeds are not materially different from those of other shapers, and the cutting bar is moved by reversible gearing, with a quick outward movement and a slow return. By making use of the drawing cut instead of pushing the tool, less pressure is required in clamping the work and all chatter of the tool is avoided.

This machine is made by the Morton Manufacturing Company, of Muskegon Heights, Michigan, who also make other machines on the same principle.

US Patents: 472,061; 550004


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1893 Morton Mfg. Co., Draw-Cut Shaping Machine
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1893 Morton Mfg. Co., Head of Draw-Cut Shaping Machine
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