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Manufactured By:
Hulse & Co., Ltd.
Salford, Manchester, England

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Title: 1887 Article-Hulse & Co., Ltd., Radial Drilling & Boring Machine
Source: Engineering, V54, 08 Jul 1887, pg. 42
Insert Date: 7/23/2018 9:42:18 PM

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We illustrate above a radial drilling and boring machine made by Messrs. Hulse and Co., of Salford.

It is of very strong proportions, being designed for operating largely in steel; it weighs, including the baseplate, upwards of 20 tons, and is provided with a large steel spindle, powerfully geared and adjustable so as to drill at an angle with the perpendicular. The radial arm is about 12 ft. 6 in. long over all, and the drill spindle will operate through a radius of 10 ft. and through a height of about 8 ft. The main frame, which is tall and massive, is ?rmly bolted to a deep baseplate, T-grooved throughout its upper surface. It carries a vertical slide, movable vertically by power, and this in its turn carries the massive radial arm and drilling headstock. The radial arm is adjustable horizontally around its trunnions by worm gear, and vertically by power readily brought into action or suspended. The drilling spindle has a variable self-acting down feed and likewise a quick returning upward motion, either being readily applied as required.
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1887 Hulse & Co., Ltd., Radial Drilling & Boring Machine
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