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Manufactured By:
W. M. Furness & Co.
Globe Works Jasmine Street Liverpool, England

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Title: 1879 Article-W.M.Furness & Co., Band Saws for Cutting Deals
Source: Engineering Magazine, V27, 21 Mar 1879, pg. 235
Insert Date: 7/28/2018 9:42:56 PM

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We annex an illustration of a band saw for cutting deals, now being manufactured by Messrs. W. Furness and Co., of Liverpool. This machine, which works at speeds ranging from 10 ft. to 20 ft. per minute, has a feed formed of two pairs of geared rollers, two being smooth and two ?uted, the set being driven from underneath so as not to interfere with the working of the machine. The rollers are capable of adjustment for different thicknesses of boards, the outer pair being kept up to their work by balance-weights. The frame carrying the upper pulley is adjustable, as shown in the drawing, and the deal-cutting feed rolls can be removed in order to connect the machine with an ordinary band saw when desired. The table can be canted for bevel cutting by means of a worm and segment placed beneath.
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1879 W.M.Furness & Co., Band Saws for Cutting Deals
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