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Manufactured By:
W. M. Furness & Co.
Globe Works Jasmine Street Liverpool, England

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Title: 1885 Article-W.M.Furness & Co., Tenoning Machine
Source: Engineering Magazine, V40, 18 Sept 1885, pg. 289
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On the present page we illustrate a tenoning machine constructed by Messrs. William Furness and Co., of Liverpool, who make a specialty of this class of tool. They produce it in about a dozen different patterns, the one in the engraving being that in greatest use. It is entirely self-contained, the whole of the parts standing on a solid bedplate. The cutter-blocks, which are the most important part of the machine, are of the most recent type, and are provided with curved cutters for the tenon, and saw-spurs for the shoulder. These cutter-blocks are set to give the requisite undercut, and so that the back of the cutter-block does not touch the timber. The scribing cutter-block is immediately behind the bottom tenoning cutter-block, and can be removed, and a cutter-block or drunken saw used for cutting double tenons. By removing the top tenoning cutter-block a trenching cutter-block can be used, to which cutters varying from 3 in. to 14 in. wide can be fitted. A fine cross-cut saw can also be used for panel cutting, &c., to an exact length by means of the spring stop fixed in the table. The end of the top spindle is formed to receive augers, so that holes can be bored, the timber being held in a slide fence, working in grooves on the top of the table. Long and short tenons can be cut, the top cutter-block frame working to and fro in V slides. All the handwheels and handles are within reach of the operator, who has thus complete control over the machine.
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1885 W.M.Furness & Co., Tenoning Machine
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