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Manufactured By:
Julius J. D. McNamar
Newark, OH

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Title: Julius J. D. McNamar,1904 Steam Traction Engine
Source: McNamar Catalogue, pg. 6
Insert Date: 8/25/2018 8:26:24 PM

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The cut shown below is a fair representation of my 1904, 6 and 10 horse power Traction Engine. This engine is built on the Heater bed plate design and has the Grime Reserve Motion. The general form of Traction is the same as all Traction Engines built by me. This style of Traction has steel master wheels and master wheel pinion. My Patent Compensating gearing, (All strait gear) is put on this traction as well as on my large Traction Engines. There is no bevel gearing at all about any of My Traction engines. I have only built the Heater bed plate engines in 8 and 10 Horse power since 1904, since that time, my 14 and 16 horse power Traction Engines have been built with Girder Bed Plate.
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Julius J. D. McNamar,1904 Steam Traction Engine
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