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Halladay, Litchfield & Co.
Chicago, IL

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Title: 1889 Article-William, H. Halladay Mfg. Co., Bandsaw Sharpener
Source: American Engineer, V18, 23 Oct 1889, pg. 150
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The exhibit of Band Saw Sharpeners by William H. Halladay Manufacturing Co. of 136 to 140 Lake St., Chicago, was certainly one of the very best in the machinery department. The machines that have been designed for saw sharpening by this company, show great ingenuity and mechanical skill. Among them are the Triumph Automatic Saw Sharpeners for circular, and band band saws, saw setting tables for circular saws, etc. One of the machines in operation was Halladay's Improved Band Saw Sharpener, which was awarded letters patent January 11, 1876, December 9, 1879, and March 14, 1882. Of this machine we give a representation. It is claimed by the company that the feed mechanism is the most accurate and positive that has ever been put on a band saw sharpener, and is so constructed that any lost motion caused by wearing can be taken up instantly; the emery wheel gate is so constructed that it is impossible to wear a shoulder on the face-side of the emery wheel; this is accomplished by tipping the emery wheel arbor at an angle other than a right angle to the gate; with this gate motion there is less liability of case hardening the points of the teeth, as the emery wheel does not touch the point of tooth when it is in the throat of tooth; it is the most simple machine made, for the same purpose; it is extra heavy at all straining points; all wearing parts are made of steel; all shafts are of steel, and have long bearings; it is adjustable to any shape of tooth; will give one-half inch pitch to the inch; it is adjustable in every way.
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1889 William, H. Halladay Mfg. Co., Bandsaw Sharpener
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