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Manufactured By:
Bates Machine Co.
Joliet, IL

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Title: 1899 Article-Bates Machine Co., Vertical Steam Engine
Source: American Engineer, V18, 07 Aug 1899, pg. 46
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The design of the engine represented herewith by figures 1 and 2, is one that is original with the Bates Machine Co. of Joliet, Ill. and has features that call for more than ordinary attention. Before particularizing some of these, we notice that the general design is one that comprises compactness, plain simplicity and stability. Every part can be easily reached and handled and allows of ready oiling and adjustment. Too often in small engines the aim to secure compactness and saving of material has resulted unsatisfactorily to users on account of the difficulties experienced in oiling and repairs. The high speed vertical engine, it is well-known, requires careful and constant lubrication and the oiling devices that are somewhat automatic in character can be always used advantageously on engines of this description. Neither is it economy to have to take the engine to pieces, so to express it, in order to adjust the connecting rod or guides or main bearings. In the engine represented here, by two views, there is ample room to get at the connections and guides, and the cylinder is placed advantageously for the engineer's care and examination. Looking now at some of the special features we notice that the cylinder is comparatively small with a medium length of stroke; that the crosshead guides are bolted to the main and rigid frame, and in place of being bored out, as is frequently the case, they have a planed flat surface of considerable area. On account of the guides being bolted on, adjustment is always readily done. The wear being principally on one of the guides, this adjustment becomes necessary from time to time. The shaft is left long on the outer end in order that the user may be enabled to use a pulley best suited for the speed required without taking the engine apart. The wrist and crank pins and journals are of large diameter. The materials are of the best description and the workmanship of an excellent character. The manufacturers construct only three sizes of this type of engine, namely, 5"x7"; 6"x8"; 8"x10". On account of the demand for these engines it has been found necessary to assign a special department at the works for their construction. This department has been fully equipped with tools and ample facilities so as to enable the makers to construct the engines in the very best manner and to fill large orders at short notice. The general design and arrangement of this vertical engine will receive the approval of all experienced engineers and intelligent manufacturers.
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1899 Bates Machine Co., Vertical Steam Engine
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1899 Bates Machine Co., Vertical Steam Engine (Side View)
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