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Penberthy Injector Co.
Detroit, MI

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Title: 1887 Article-Penberthy Injector Co., Injector
Source: Scientific American, V56, 26 Feb 1887, pg. 132
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At last a mechanical combination and device has been produced, and a man's labor and study crowned with success, in the production, for the convenience of engineers, of a simple and compact device known as the Penberthy injector or boiler feeder.

Its mechanical construction is very simple, but perfect. All its parts are movable and convenient of access (not being screwed in), its working so complete that an inexperienced person can operate it with success and perfectness. Its adaptability to all classes of boilers, such as stationary, portable, traction, marine, and locomotive, and its working on each, makes it very desirable, and recommends it to all classes of engineers. The automatic working of this injector is of very great advantage, as by this mechanical construction it works under all conditions of shakes, jars, and concussions. In case of a break, or the suction is to be removed and then returned, it picks up or begins working without any aid, assistance, or attention from the engineer, thereby relieving of much care and annoyance. Its convenience of access is of very great consideration and importance, owing to the advantage of cleaning and examining its interior parts.

The working parts of this injector are stationary in their work, thereby causing comparatively no wear in its mechanical parts. The inventor seems to have combined common sense with mechanical science, by leaving out all complications, and combining in the injector every convenience of operating, getting at, and putting it on the boiler.

The body is of a single cylinder or barrel, with two jets inside, "steam and combining," and governed by an automatic swinging overflow. The injector is operated by the opening or closing of the globe valves. It is connected to the boiler and pipes with uniform and interchangeable square centered unions, and can be put on or taken off very quickly without any annoyance or injury, and the only tool required being an ordinary wrench.

Another great point gained in this injector is its great range of working capacity. It will lift water twenty-five feet perpendicular or take it a hydraulic pressure and force it into the boiler at a temperature of from 140° to 180° Fah. It will work under a steam pressure of from 20 to 140 lb. It will also lift and force water at a very warm temperature (say 120° Fah.) in tank or well, and under all circumstances and at all points it works automatically. The inventor and manufacturers of the Penberthy injector have great confidence in its working qualities, and to satisfy engineers of its merits and perfectness of work, solicit a trial. From observation, a brilliant future is in store for this little wonder of simplicity and compactness, which is a model of mechanism in appearance and finish.
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