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Manufactured By:
J. W. Mixter Saw Tool Co.
Plymouth, MA

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Title: 1888 Article-Mixter, J. W., Saw Tool Co., Saw Gummer
Source: Appletons' Cyclopædia of Applied Mechanics, V2, 1888, pg. 693
Insert Date: 12/6/2018 11:00:56 PM

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Fig. 3721 represents Mixter's New England saw-gummer, which consists of a frame clamped is shown upon the saw. Moving upon ways in the frame is a carriage in which is an arbor carrying the cutter and rotated by the crank A. B is the feed-wheel, which turns the screw that presses the cutter up against the blade. By turning the crank A the cutter is caused to abrade the metal, and thus to deepen the spaces between the teeth. Saw-gummers are also made with emery-wheels instead of cutters.
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1888 Mixter, J. W., Saw Tool Co., Saw Gummer
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