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Manufactured By:
Michigan Iron Works
Grand Rapids, MI

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Title: 1900 Article-Michigan Iron Works, Champion Saw Gummer
Source: Age of Steel, V87, 10 Mar 1900, pg. 25
Insert Date: 12/7/2018 11:19:56 AM

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The Michigan Iron Works, Grand Rapids, Mich., manufacturers of shingle, heading and box board machinery, have recently put upon the market a saw gummer of extremely simple construction, great serviceableness, and adapted to a wide range of work. Besides, it is a good-looking machine of its kind, embodying, as it does, the very best material and workmanship in a pleasing design. And then it is sold at a price much under that of the ordinary saw gummer, because of its simplicity, and by reason of its manufacture in large quantities, with spec al machinery, whereby each part is made on the interchangeable system.

This machine can be used for gumming and filing circular rip saws from 6 inches to 6 feet in diameter; circular cut-off saws from 6 inches to 4 feet in diameter. It is furnished, when desired, with long-saw attachment for drag-saws, mulay-saws, gang-saws, etc.

The frame' is one solid casting of the hollow column type, with large bell-shaped base, insuring absolute rigidity. The height over all is 5 feet. The arbor is of steel, running in composition boxes which are adjustable for wear and renewable when worn. It is provided with a two-step pulley so that the speed may be increased when the emery wheel is worn down. The carriage containing the arbor is made in two sections, connected by a single bolt, which, when loosened, allows the front portion carrying the wheel to be tilted out of a horizontal position, permitting the wheel to conform to any shape of saw tooth. The carriage is trunnioned at the rear end to the main frame. An adjustable coiled spring, located in the center of the frame, serves to counterbalance the carriage.

The saw being attached to the slotted arm by means of a simple cup and cone device has a positive rack and pinion adjustment. The slotted arm has two different motions; a vertical, controlled by a clamping device; and a swing, regulated by a graduated dial and index on the upper bracket, and secured by a clamp on the lower bracket, permitting accurate duplication of the angle of the tooth.

The depth of the vertical motion of the emery wheel carriage is determined by an adjustable stop, insuring an absolutely uniform length of saw teeth.

The speed of the counter should be 1100 revolutions per minute, giving a speed of 1800 to the emery wheel when full size. By shifting the belt to the fast motion the wheel is increased in speed to 2700 revolutions; the suitable speed when the wheel is worn down to 6 or 8 inches.

The gummer is furnished with tight and loose pulley so that it may be belted to any shaft without the expense of an extra counter.

Each gummer is furnished complete with emery wheel and feed belt, crated ready for shipment. Shipping weight, 350 lbs.

Anyone interested in saw gummers or any kind of shingle, heading or box board machinery, will find it worth his while to write the Michigan Iron Works for particulars and quotations before buying.
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1900 Michigan Iron Works, Champion Saw Gummer
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