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Manufactured By:
W. C. Young & Co.
Worcester, MA

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Title: 1899 Article-W. C. Young & Co., Engine Lathe
Source: The Electrical Engineer, V26, 05 Jan 1899, pg. 36
Insert Date: 1/18/2019 10:01:30 PM

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The New W. C. Young 10-Inch Lathe.

The accompanying illustrations show the front and end view of a 10-inch screw cutting lathe that has just been brought out by the W. C. Young Mfg. Co., Worcester, Mass. It is made from the designs of Mr. Young, and possesses features that will be appreciated by electricians and bicycle repairers and all who are engaged in experimental and laboratory work.

All the working parts are exceptionally heavy and are carefully fitted. The hollow head spindle is forged from 1 7/16-inch crucible steel and runs in heavy bronze boxes. The cone has three steps for 1½-inch belt and the back gear ratio is 8 to 1. This gives six speeds, which increase in geometrical progression. The lathe is furnished with plain rest and automatic cross-feed and the tool is adjusted by screw collars on the tool post. The compound rest is of entirely new design, and is to be furnished only as an extra attachment. The friction feeds have a range of from 32 to 110 to the inch. Gears are furnished to cut a large range of threads, covering all machine screw threads from 5 to 72, including 11½ pipe thread. A special lead screw and gearing can also be furnished for cutting metric threads. The back and feed gears are covered to prevent injury to the hands or belt.

The lathe is built with an improved foot motion.which reduces friction to the minimum. A friction countershaft is furnished in place of the foot motion, if desired, at the same price. A rack is provided for holding the change gears, centre rest and face plates when not in use. The jaws of the centre rest are of hardened steel carefully finished.

The lathe, with 4-foot bed, weighs on skids, ready for shipment, 525 pounds.

The W. C. Young Co. report that they are very busy at the present time, and are compelled to run until 9 p. m. every night in order to keep up with their orders. Inquiries are invited as to any of their machines
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1899 W. C. Young & Co., Engine Lathe
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1899 W. C. Young & Co., Engine Lathe (End View)
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