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Storm Mfg. Co.
Thompson, IA

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Title: 1918 Article-Storm Mfg. Co., Standard Reboring Machine
Source: The Accessory & Garage Journal, V8, Aug 1918, pg. 27
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The Storm standard Reboring Machine is playing a very important part at the present time in the conserving and renewing of old engines of all kinds. The extreme simplicity and the ease of operation, together with the fact that the machine may be used either by hand or in connection with drill press or other power, making it admirably adapted for the use of the average garage. This machine is provided with six cutters, which are adjusted by means of a cutter adjuster bar and which may be set to cut to the different oversizes. The total adjustment of the Standard equipment is from 2 5/8-inches to five inches, with special equipment, larger and smaller made up to special order.

In addition to this machine the company manufactures a special Ford and Ford-Dodge machine, as well as other equipment for use in connection with the renewing of engines, including piston vice, valve tools. connecting rod reamer, jigs, gauges, etc.
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1918 Storm Mfg. Co., Standard Reboring Machine
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