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Manufactured By:
C. M. Yoder Co.
Cleveland, OH

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Title: 1918 Article-C. M. Yoder Co., Post Type Power Hammer
Source: The Hub, V60, Jun 1918, pg. 23
Insert Date: 3/9/2019 1:48:25 PM

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Post Type Sheet Metal Working Hammer

A power hammer for forming and planishing various shapes of sheet steel has been brought out by the C. M. Yoder Co., Engineers Building, Cleveland. It is designed for forming automobile bodies, hoods, closed car tops and other parts made in curved form from light sheet steel. It is a post type of hammer, and it is stated that it can be attached to an ordinary post in a shop without endangering the building, as vibration has been practically eliminated.

The force of the stroke is controlled at the head of the driving shaft. The connecting rod is adjustably secured to this shaft by a pin bolt, one end of which is engaged in a dovetailed slot in the head. The lower end of the connecting rod is attached by a large bearing to the block which holds the spring securely. The back of the block is dovetailed and slides vertically in a groove in the face of the frame. This groove is provided with an adjustable bronze gib to insure a perfect bearing. It is pointed out that with this design the spring is held in a perfectly balanced position, the hammer block and spring move in a vertical direction only, and wobble of the spring and consequent vibration are eliminated. The upper die block is of cast steel reinforced at the dovetailed groove that holds the die to insure against breakage where the die is secured by a taper key. The die block is also connected to the main frame by a dovetail and groove which is also provided with an adjustable bronze gib. The lower die block is made separate from the lower frame to which it is securely bolted, the joint allowing the anvil to be raised or lowered. All bearings are bronze bushed.

The main shaft bearings which are of the cap type are separate castings. It is pointed out that with this type of bearings when new bushings are required the bearing blocks may be removed from the frame, bushed and placed back in the original position without removing the hammer. These bearings are equipped with sight feed oil cups. It is claimed that the design of the hammer provides a perfect balance that insures long life, smooth running and stability. It is made in several sizes, to accommodate diversified classes of work. Its net weight is approximately 900 lbs.
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1918 C. M. Yoder Co., Post Type Power Hammer
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