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Manufactured By:
O. L. Packard Machinery Co.
Milwaukee, WI

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Title: 1884 Article-Packard Machinery Co., Penney's Helve Hammer
Source: American Machinist, 15 Mar 1884, pg. 7
Insert Date: 3/9/2019 9:00:38 PM

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This hammer is manufactured by O. L. Packard, Milwaukee, Wis. It is intended for hard work and rough usage. The helve is hung upon hardened steel centers and derives its motion from a wide-faced eccentric. The husk, containing the helve, is arranged to be readily lowered or raised to accommodate dies of varying thickness, thus rendering the shimming up of ordinary dies unnecessary. The length of stroke can be changed while the hammer is in motion, by means of a lever which changes the position of the fulcrum of the top beam.

The speed is regulated by means of the treadle, which controls a paper friction in a loose pulley.

The anvil block and its foundation are separate from the hammer, so that the concussion of the blow does not affect the latter.

The hammer head is long, and of cast steel; all parts, except the helve, are of steel or iron.

U. S. Patent #302,520

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1884 Article-Packard Machinery Co., Penney's Helve Hammer
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