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Manufactured By:
Radial Power Hammer Co.
Los Angeles, CA

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Title: 1910 Article-Radial Power Hammer Co., Power Hammer
Source: Industrial Engineering, V7, Apr 1910, pgs. 338-339
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The accompanying illustrations show a new power hammer for blacksmith work which is manufactured by the Radial Power Hammer Co. of Los Angeles, Cal., and which is designed to enable one man alone to do the work that ordinarily requires the aid of a helper.
The main feature of this hammer is the radially swinging bracket-arm A. formed with guides B in which the hammer head C is mounted. This arm can be swung to a position either over a vise attachment D at the left of the machine, an anvil E at the front, or a swage block F and bending device G at the right. The swage block is circular and rotatable on a heavy stub-shaft; grooves of various forms and size; are formed around its periphery and a pocket for the insertion of special swages is also provided.

The arm A swings on bearings formed on a vertically adjustable bracket H, which can slide in guides on the frame-standard I. The straight and crossed belts J and K, leading from the main-drive shaft L and a clutch connected to a short horizontal shaft M, which is in turn bevel-geared to a vertical screw-shaft, are used to lower or raise the bracket and head for different work.

The head C is spring-connected to an adjustable disk-crank N, driven by means of a bevel-gear connection from a vertical shaft O. A feather on this shaft permits of vertical adjustment of the head. The special connection between the head and crank enables the head to be worked inside a 30-inch circle. so that it can be used in welding up small tires or similar work.

A combined friction clutch and brake P is mounted on the main drive shaft L. Thisis arranged so that the release of the clutch brings the brake into action and vice versa.

A delicate adjustment of the speed of the head. and because of its spring connection
with the crank, of the force of the blow, can be had. The clutch and brake mechanism is controlled by a foot lever R extending around the front and sides of the machine, so that the blacksmith has both hands free to handle the work.

The machine is rugged and substantial, designed for hard work and rough usage, ar.d the various adjustments are simple and easily made.

The head weighs 75 pounds and has a vertical adjustment of 15 inches. The machine requires a floor space of 4 ft. X 6 ft. 6 in. and can be operated by a 3-H.P. motor. The total weight of the machine is about 4,500 pounds.

US Patent: 973,620

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1910 Radial Power Hammer Co., Power Hammer
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1910 Radial Power Hammer Co., Power Hammer
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