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Manufactured By:
Morton Mfg. Co.
Romeo, MI; Muskegon Heights, MI

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Title: 1928 Article-Morton Mfg. Co., 84 in. Traveling Head Planer
Source: American Exporter, V102 Jun 1928, pg. 141
Insert Date: 3/11/2019 9:29:01 PM

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Draw Cut Traveling Head Planer

The 84-inch stroke draw cut traveling head planer for planing, boring, milling and slotting, which is shown in the accompanying illustration, is one of the new machine tools brought out by the Morton Manufacturing Company, and is designed for the complete machining of heavy iron and steel casting and for all heavy-duty repair work.

These traveling head planers are manufactured with 60, 72, and 84 inches of cutting stroke with any height of column and any length of bed. They require, the manufacturer states, only half of the floor space and one-third of the power of a housed planer of equal capacity and may be used either as a stationary or portable tool, as the bottom of the bed is machined. It is reversible and may be quickly changed into a large horizontal traveling head slotter. The milling and boring feeds also may be quickly changed to meet conditions.

This machine will do many operations at one setting of the work, resulting in a considerable saving of time. All the planing, boring, milling and slotting operations on a 222,000-pound cast steel rolling mill housing, for example, can be done, together with the machining, in production time
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1928 Morton Mfg. Co., 80 in. Traveling Head Planer
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