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Manufactured By:
Meriden Machine Tool Co.
Meriden, CT

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Title: 1918 Drawing - Horizontal Tapping Machine
Source: "Thread-cutting Methods" by Franklin Day Jones, Industrial Press, 1918, Pg. 193.
Insert Date: 9/11/2019 10:54:57 AM

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The horizontal tapping machine illustrated in Fig. 5 (built by the Meriden Machine Tool Co., Meriden, Conn.) operates on the same general principle as the one just described, but differs in regard to the arrangement of the driving mechanism. The tapping spindle carries two bevel or conical faced wheels A and B, which are alternately engaged by a third conical faced wheel C mounted on the belt-driven driving shaft. The tap- carrying spindle has a free longitudinal movement, and when a piece of work is forced against the tap, the forward cone B is held in contact with the driving cone, thus causing the tap to revolve. When the tap has entered to the required depth and the work is pulled backward, the rear driven cone A is brought into contact with the driving cone C, thus reversing the rotation of the tap. The two driven cones are made of cast iron and the central driving cone is of cast iron faced with leather to increase the frictional resistance. The machine has a slide D, which is mounted on V-shaped ways, and is intended to hold whatever form of fixture may be needed. The slide has an adjustable stop-rod which limits the travel or movement of the work toward the tap. This machine is designed for tapping holes j inch in diameter or less. The horizontal tapping ma chines of the type previously described are adapted especially for small parts which are easily handled.
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