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D. Frisbie & Co.
New Haven, CT; Philadelphia, PA

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Title: 1876 Article-D. Frisbie & Co., Bean's Patent Friction Clutch Pulley
Source: The Engineering & Mining Journal, V21, 11 Mar 1876, pg. 250
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Friction gearing has so many obvious advantages in many cases, it is not surprising its adoption is becoming quite general.

For such uses as pile-driving, or hoisting from ships, or from any moderate depth, it effects a great saving in time, as compared with the use of the common clutch gearing. While with pulleys a friction clutch serves instead of the double (fast and loose) pulley and belt shifting formerly in universal use. A very ingenious device for obtaining this friction is Bean's Friction Clutch, the construction and application of which will appear on an inspection of the accompanying cuts.

This is operated by bringing a V-headed bolt (which is held in position by an arm keyed fast to the shaft) in positive contact with a V-ring (which is a part of the pulley) by means of a nut, with a lug on one side, running in an angular slot of the arm of clutch.

The clutch can be moved very easily along the shaft, thereby causing the nut, as it moves in the angular slot, to increase or diminish the friction at pleasure. The exertion necessary is very little (at the shipper) to relieve or communicate full power of friction, and make the pulley as effective as it were keyed to the shaft.

For light machinery and counter-shaft, etc., one bolt is employed, but for large machinery two or more.

Where it is desired to have the friction slip considerable upon starting, the friction surfaces should be well oiled to allow of their slipping evenly, and prevent wear, when used often.

US Patent: 148,165

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1876 D. Frisbie & Co., Bean's Patent Friction Clutch Pulley
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