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Manufactured By:
George Place Machinery Co.
New York, NY

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Title: 1886 Article-George Place Machinery Co., 16 inch Engine Lathe
Source: Manufacturer & Builder, V18, Jan 1886, pg. 5
Insert Date: 11/5/2019 1:27:34 PM

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The accompanying engraving exhibits the new pattern 16-inch engine lathe, with 6-foot bed, built by the George Place Machinery Company, of 121 Chambers and 103 Reade Streets, New York.

It embodies all the mechanical features which are considered essential in the design and construction of an efficient machine of its class and is recommended by its makers as in all respects up to the requirements of a first-class machine. It has screw and independent feeds; full change of gears for cutting screws; power cross feed; improved elevating tool post, if desired; center rest; large and small faceplate; friction countershaft, hangers, wrenches, etc. The stepped pulleys provide for four changes of speed. The largest is 8½ inches diameter, and the smallest 3 inches. Space between centers, 3 feet; the countershaft pulleys are 11 inches diameter, with 3-inch face, and intended to run at 120 revolutions per minute.
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1886 George Place Machinery Co., 16 inch Engine Lathe
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