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Manufactured By:
John Lang & Sons
Johnstone, Scotland

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Title: 1911 Article-John Lang & Sons, 12 in. Centre Lathe
Source: Machine Tools Commonly Employed In Modern Engineering Workshop, V1, 1911, pgs. 6-9
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John Lang & Sons' Lathe

The 12 -in. centre, surfacing, sliding, and screw-cutting lathe illustrated in fig. 1 is one of a series of machines designed by Messrs. John Lang & Sons, of Johnstone, for dealing with a large range of work under modern high-speed conditions. These machines embody certain novel and patented features, the most noticeable of which is the fast-headstock variable-speed drive, which will be described in some detail later. This variable device provides a continuous range of speeds, and thus the correct surface speed is obtainable for work of any diameter within the range of the lathe. With lathes intended for especially heavy cuts at high speeds, geared step-cone head- stocks of special designs are provided, and the machines are arranged either for belt or for electric-motor driving. Thus the variable-speed head- stock may be driven direct from the main shaft by means of a single belt running at a high speed or by means of a constant-speed motor, while the geared headstock may be belt-driven from a countershaft or by means of a variable-speed motor.
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1911 John Lang & Sons, 12 in. Centre Lathe
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1911 John Lang & Sons, Varible Spped Head
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