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Manufactured By:
Dean, Smith & Grace, Ltd.
Keighley, England

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Title: 1911 Article-Dean, Smith & Grace-12 in. Centre Lathe
Source: Machine Tools Commonly Employed In Modern Engineering Workshop Convert Case, V1, 1911, pg. 11
Insert Date: 3/13/2020 9:17:28 PM

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Dean, Smith, & Grace's Lathe

An engine lathe of similar size, 12-in. centres, designed by Messrs. Dean, Smith, & Grace, Limited, of Keighley, for the efficient use of modern high-speed cutting steels, is illustrated in fig. 9. This machine is of massive construction, the width of the bed throughout its length being 22 in. and the depth 14 in. The bed is supported at the ends upon cabinet pedestals, which form a neat and satisfactory mounting, and incidentally provide convenient accommodation for the storage of gear wheels and fittings.
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1911 Dean, Smith & Grace-12 in. Centre Lathe
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