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Hendey Machine Co.
Torrington, CT

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Title: 1911 Article-Hendey Machine Co., Compound Gear Box for Engine Lathes
Source: Machine Tools Commonly Employed In Modern Engineering Workshop, V1, 1911, pgs. 18-20
Insert Date: 3/17/2020 8:53:31 PM

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When desired, the geared head, illustrated in figs. 20 and 21, can be fitted to the lathe instead of the ordinary belt cone-driven head, in which the driving power applied to the spindle is considerably less, particularly in the higher series of speeds. There is the further advantage in the use of the all-geared type of head, that time is saved downwards. Fig. 20 shows the external appearance of the head ready for mounting on the lathe bed. It is totally enclosed, and the case is sufficiently large to carry an ample charge of machine oil for lubricating the gearing and bearings. In the next view (fig. 21) the upper case has been removed to show the arrangement of the shafts and gearing. All the changes of speed are controlled by the three levers a, B, and c. Lever a is the power - shaft rocker, b operates the sliding - gear fork, and c is a cam controlling two clutches — one for changing from the direct to the back -gear drive and also for stopping and starting the spindle, and the other for changing from the high to the low back gear. To change the gearing the lever b should be placed in the desired position according to the index plate, and the lever a should then be thrown forward against its stop to place the sliding and the spindle gears in mesh. The arrangement is such that the lever b cannot be worked until the rocker lever a is in the position in which the gears are disengaged. The clutches, controlled by the lever c, can be operated with greater freedom after the gears are in motion. Nine variations of the spindle speed are obtainable with the driving shaft running at constant speed, three of the speeds being direct and six through the double back gears. The direct speeds are obtained by means of gear wheels mounted oil the spindle and driven through the sliding gears of the rocker a. The high and low back gears are permanently meshed with their corresponding spindle gears, which run freely on the spindle, and the insertion of the back gears is effected by means of the friction clutches, operated by the lever c, which also, in its mid-position, stops the rotation of the spindle without stopping the driving pulley.
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1911 Hendey Machine Co.-Exterior View of the Compound Gear Box for Engine Lathes
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1911 Hendey Machine Co.-Interior View of the Compound Gear Box for Engine Lathe
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