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Manufactured By:
Alfred Herbert Ltd.
Coventry, West Midlands, England

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Title: 1911 Article-Herbert, Alfred, Ltd.-4½ in. Centre Screw-Cutting Lathe
Source: Machine Tools Commonly Employed In Modern Engineering Workshop, V1, 1911, pgs. 26-27
Insert Date: 3/26/2020 8:45:35 PM

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An example of the smaller types commonly used for odd work, such as light tool parts, which cannot readily be put upon other machines, is illustrated in fig. 31. This small sliding and screw-cutting lathe, by Messrs. Alfred Herbert, Limited, of Coventry, can deal with work of 9 in. in diameter, but the gap provided allows of the surfacing of work 15 in. in diameter, provided the width beyond the face plate does not exceed 3¾ in. Between the head and tailstock centres the available length is 24¾ in. The three-step cone headstock, which is fitted with a back gear, has a hollow spindle mounted in adjustable parallel bearings. At the left of the headstock will be seen a handle by means of which the feed motion may be instantly reversed without stopping the belt, and the change of feed from screw-cutting to sliding can be quickly made without removing any gears. In the larger lathes of the same construction a surfacing feed motion is also fitted. At the end of the head is provided the usual change-gear arrangement, which enables a large range of screws to be cut. The lathe can be driven either by treadle or by power, as shown in the illustration.
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