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Manufactured By:
Cunliffe & Croom, Ltd.
Broughtan Lane, Manchester, England

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Title: 1911 Article-Cunliffe & Croom, Ltd.-8 in. Centre Screw-Cutting Lathe
Source: Machine Tools Commonly Employed In Modern Engineering Workshop, V1, 1911, pgs. 27-28
Insert Date: 3/26/2020 8:49:56 PM

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Fig. 32 is a general view of a similar form of lathe, manufactured by Messrs. Cunliffe & Croom, Limited, of Manchester, for a heavier class of work. Owing to the strong construction, considerable accuracy can be attained. Work of 16 in. in diameter can be turned, and in addition a deep gap is provided for face-plate work. In the general arrangement of its essential parts the lathe does not differ materially from the one already described. All the parts are, however, of stouter construction to suit the heavier duty for which the lathe is intended. By means of the hand lever, shown at the front of the head, three changes of feed can at once be obtained, and additional screw -cutting feeds are obtainable, in the usual manner, by means of change wheels.

The compound slide rest has both longitudinal and transverse power feeds communicated through a shaft at the back of the bed, and a hand-operated rack-and-pinion gear enables the whole carriage to be rapidly moved along the bed.
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1911 Cunliffe & Croom, Ltd.-8 in. Centre Screw-Cutting Lathe
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