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Manufactured By:
C. B. Rogers & Co.
Norwich, CT

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Title: 1883 Ad - Overhung Cutting-off Carriage Saw and Gaining Machine
Source: Carpentry and Building. Vol. V, No. 11. Nov., 1883. Pg. 226.
Insert Date: 8/27/2003 6:23:27 PM

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Overhung Cutting-off Carriage Saw and Gaining Machine

The combination in one machine of both a gainer and a cutting-off saw, constructed on improved principles and capable of quick and easy adjustment, is a new feature in woodworking machinery and one long desired by wood-workers. Such a machine is adapted to carpenters' and builders use for rabbetting and dadoing door and window frames, and for various work of a similar character. A machine of this kind has recently been brought out by Messrs. C. B. Rogers & Co., of Norwich, Conn., and 109 Liberty street, New York, and is illustrated in Fig. 7 of the engravings. The cutter-head works over the top of the stuff, so that the operator is always working by his lines instead of under side as in the old way. The machine is especially useful for cutting and squaring-up lumber for doors, sash, box and panel stuff to lengths also for cabinet and picture-frame makers' use. The gateway carrying the arbor is adjustable up or down by means of a crank or screw, so that a saw can be used from 8 to 16 inches in diameter, according to the work to be done. A gaining-head or dado can be put on in place of the saw, and gains from 1/8 to 2 ½ inches deep can be cut with an 8-inch head. This machine, the manufacturers assure us, is thoroughly built in all particulars, only the best material being used. It weighs about 1000 pounds. The size of mandrel is 1 inch. The power required to drive the machine is equivalent to about three horses.
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