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Manufactured By:
Pedrick & Ayer
Philadelphia, PA

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Title: 1895 Article-Pedrick & Ayer, Open Side Planer & Shaper
Source: Modern Mechanism 1895 pgs 625-626
Insert Date: 11/30/2011 9:42:19 PM

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The Richards Open-side Planer and Shaver — Fig. 4 shows a 36-in. open-side planer and shaper built by Pedrick & Ayer, of Philadelphia. The construction and general arrangement of parts in this machine are somewhat different from the usual style of planers and shapers. The sliding head and cutting tool are supported by an overhanging or extended arm, moving parallel with the slotted side of bed, and the work to be planed remains stationary, being fastened to the plates or tables as may be required. The open side permits the planing of large and difficult pieces, and as they remain at rest while being planed, they are easier to set and fasten than they would be upon a moving table or platen. The saddle is moved by means of a screw and pulleys, with shifting belts, and has a quick return. For some classes of work, these open-side planers have advantages over the ordinary style of planer. Among them are the following: The tools move over the work, which is fixed. Large pieces and small ones are planed at the same speed. There are flat surfaces, horizontal, vertical, and parallel for mounting work, so pieces of any shape can be fastened at once. The shifting motion is such that the tools stop with the same accuracy as in a shaping machine. By removing the tables, work of any kind can be planed. Pieces of 10 tons weight have been planed on a 30-in. machine. The heaviest machines can be used for shaping, and run with a 2-in. stroke, without shock or jar.
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1895 Pedrick & Ayer, Open Side Planer & Shaper
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