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Manufactured By:
C. B. Rogers & Co.
Norwich, CT

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Title: 1895 Article-C. B. Rogers & Co., Double Surfacer
Source: Modern Mechanism 1895 pgs 629-630
Insert Date: 12/4/2011 1:41:47 PM

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C. B. Rogers & Co. — In the 26-in. double-surfacing machine shown in Fig. 3, the cylinders are large and slotted, and run in yoke boxes. There is a bonnet chip-breaker, and a complete set of pressure bars, which have every desirable adjustment. The lower cylinder may be set for any desired cut, and the end of the bed will swing down to admit of easy access to the head for sharpening or setting the knives. The bed is raised and lowered on four screws by hand or by power; and when power is used, an adjustment of 8 in. is accomplished in one minute. When set to proper thickness, the lower cylinder, while firmly clamped to the bed, is also clamped to the sides of the frame. The gears on the feed rollers are of about double the diameter of the latter, giving great leverage. Each pair of feed-roll boxes is connected in a yoke frame to avoid the possibility of cramping, and all links are hung on boxes instead of on roll shafts. The feed is driven direct from the top cylinder, through two feed shafts provided with cones giving four changes of speed.
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1895 C. B. Rogers & Co., Double Surfacer
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