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Charter Gas Engine Co.
Sterling, IL

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Title: 1898 Article-Charter Gas Engine Co., Pumping Engine
Source: Gas, Gasoline and Oil Vapor Engines, 1900 pg 145
Insert Date: 10/22/2012 10:53:25 AM

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The Charter Gasoline Pumping Engine

Fig. 79 shows an engraving of the Charter gasoline engine and pump combined. This combination was designed for any kind of service that piston pumps are capable of. It is compactly built, a feature, which, in places where floor space is valuable, is especially desirable. It is easily operated. When through pumping, nothing remains to do but shut off the gasoline. As no special attendant is required, it is especially desirable for filling railroad tanks, as the station agent or his assistant can take care of the engine and see that the pumping is done without interfering with their regular duties, thus saving the expense of employing a man to go from station to station to fill the tanks. It is a suitable pumping engine for hydraulic elevators. The. gears are all machine cut, the pump cylinder is brass lined, and everything about the engine and pump is built on the interchangeable plan. The cut illustrates an engine and pump capable of delivering 60 gallons of water per minute against 100 or 200 feet head, or equivalent pressure. It is self-contained and may be set in operation almost anywhere. The pump gear is easily detached and a pulley supplied for temporary power use, making this combination a valuable one for agricultural work and irrigation.
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1898 Charter Gas Engine Co., Pumping Engine
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